Breaking down a Breaking Bad parody

My office hosts a  "Souper Bowl" party each February...lots of crockpots in our studio, lunch with our clients and vendors...for which we usually send out a themed a video invite.  This year was a Breaking Bad theme and I was tasked with mimicking the opening sequence to the show.

My job was made much easier upon discovering the "Heart Breaking Bad" font (  I used Photoshop to customize some of the font's characters to my needs, and created many of the layers I would use in After Effects, including the two ends of the fake periodic table.  

Apple's Motion came in handy to create the yellow smoke...I also decided it would be nice for Bill (Heisenberg) to be keyed over the smoky greenish background, but he had not been shot on a chroma screen, so I used AE Rotobrush to create the matte.  it it far from perfect, but not bad.

There are a few small details that I would have preferred to clean up, but all in all I was pretty happy with it, especially considering it was a last-minute assignment with a one-day turnaround.